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He was chosen by the Gods.
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Link is dead/How he died Theory
Watch the Youtube video first before reading this. The link is below. This conversation took place on Skype. Prepare for your childhood to be ruined! *mwhahahahahaha*
^ Game Theory: Is Link Dead in Majora's Mask?
--Wolf-Blossom: this is insane.
--Mistress-0f-Dragons: agree
--Mistress-0f-Dragons: thought I would share it would you. But the way they explain it all makes sense
--Wolf-Blossom: it does make sense
--Wolf-Blossom: granted it doesn't follow the historia
--Wolf-Blossom: cuz it does say in the historia that termina is a parallel universe and that in twilight princess, the hero's shade is the hero of time
--Wolf-Blossom: as an adult
--Wolf-Blossom: unless that followed the adult timeline cuz ocarina of time DOES split into two time lines
--Wolf-Blossom: ohhh man... Zelda mind fuck
Wolf-Blossom: oh
Wolf-Blossom: never mind
Wolf-Blossom: the theory DOES
Wolf-Blossom: tackle that too
Wolf-Blossom: O_O
Wolf-Blossom: wow…
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Halloween 2013 by Mistress-0f-Dragons Halloween 2013 :iconmistress-0f-dragons:Mistress-0f-Dragons 2 3 Scarlet Wishes Me A Happy Birthday by Mistress-0f-Dragons Scarlet Wishes Me A Happy Birthday :iconmistress-0f-dragons:Mistress-0f-Dragons 0 2
Revenge Ch3
Wesker was in a black BMW with tinted windows as he was waiting for the company that was at Claire’s apartment to leave. It seemed to be an old college classmate of hers that was in town to visit for the weekend and both girls decided to get together. He was parked down the street but since Claire’s apartment was on the corner of the building he could still see her door. He went over the plans once more over in his head as he waited for the friend to leave.
Shortly afterwards Wesker saw Claire’s friend leave. He watched her as she drove away and waited until she was gone then he started up his car again and drove closer to Claire’s apartment. Getting out he made his way to Claire’s door and listened to what was happening inside. He heard the bathroom door close and the shower starting up. Quietly lock picking the door, Wesker let himself into Claire’s apartment. He looked around for a moment, deciding where he should be when she noticed that she was
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Comparison Meme by Mistress-0f-Dragons Comparison Meme :iconmistress-0f-dragons:Mistress-0f-Dragons 1 5 Summer 2013 Haircut by Mistress-0f-Dragons Summer 2013 Haircut :iconmistress-0f-dragons:Mistress-0f-Dragons 1 3 Dinner At Delphines by Mistress-0f-Dragons Dinner At Delphines :iconmistress-0f-dragons:Mistress-0f-Dragons 0 0
Lessons In Romance
Ghirahim chuckled some as he overhead one of the red bokoblins talk about how they had captured the warrior boy from the sky. They had taken his different weapons and items and placed them around the volcano. From his perch on the rock that was above the three red bokoblins he watched as they tried to handle the boys sword. He rolled his eyes at their clumsy and failed attempts at trying to wield her. She may have been that annoying boys sword, but she was still his kind.
Ghirahim jumped down from his perch and landed on his feet like a cat would. With grace and elegance he summoned his sword and  took care of the red bokoblins and pushed their bodies off of the ledge and into the lava. “Hmmmph… just a disgrace you are. Filthly and dimwitted creatures you are.” He said to the bokoblins as they sunk into the lava. He snapped and his sword disappeared. “I know you were watching. It is quite alright to show yourself. In fact I would love it if you graced me w
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Revenge Ch2
It had been a few years since Albert Wesker was pronounced dead by the BSAA. Wesker had been in hiding while he healed from the wounds he had received in Africa. While he did not go out into the world, it did not mean that he was cut off from it. He still had his ways to get information and found out what was happening. With the events that had happened in China with the C-virus, he had sent Ada Wong to investigate and collect a sample. He knew that she had her own reasons for going, but he paid her well enough that she would complete the mission he gave her.
While Ada was on her mission and reported to him about Jake Muller, he was surprised that he had a sun, but he did not show it. It seemed like the woman that he spent time with that one night ended up becoming pregnant and giving birth to a son. With further research done, Wesker found out that Jake was immune to the C-virus and carried the anti-bodies for it. Not to mention that it seemed like the kid was partnered with his old p
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Mature content
Touch Me :iconmistress-0f-dragons:Mistress-0f-Dragons 8 7
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Peaceful Love
Gaara looked out of the window and saw his desert homeland. The night was slowly fading away as the sun rose. He had been Kazekage of Sunagakure for a total of 10 years now. It had been 8 years since his friend Naruto had defeated Tobi. It was a surprise to find out that Tobi was actually Obito, Kakashi's old team mate back in the day. Everything had quieted down and many of his friends were living comfortable lives.
Naruto was now the Hokage of Konohagakure. He and Hinata had two girls, ages 2 and 5. The eldest daughter was loud like her father, and looked like him as well, but had the shy personality of her mother. The youngest daughter looked like her mother and was very quiet, but had the mischievous personality of her father.
Sasuke gave up his rouge ways once he felt like his clan and brother were avenged. He was head of ANBU and Naruto's second in command. He had chosen Sakura to bear his children and be his wife. Sasuke didn't take that long in rebuilding his clan. He and Sakur
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I Support Studio-Gothika by Mistress-0f-Dragons I Support Studio-Gothika :iconmistress-0f-dragons:Mistress-0f-Dragons 1 1

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A Damsel in Not-Distress
A new day dawned; the Chosen Hero and the Princess of Hyrule cleaned up camp and continued their journey back to Hyrule Castle. They recently defeated the unholy creature, Ganon, and sent him back to the Sacred Realm; he would never threaten Hyrule any longer. Neither Link nor Zelda were in any rush to their normal lives, so, they decided not to rush back to the castle. An extra day or two was not going to harm anybody.
And if it did, they could just suck it up.
"Midna sure is beautiful, isn't she?" Zelda chimed as she sat side-saddle atop Epona. Link, who was walking alongside his mare, glanced idly up at the Princess.
"That's the fifth time you've said that." He didn't sound annoyed – just amused.
"She is though," Zelda giggled. "She has the regality and elegance required to run a nation, wouldn't you say?"
Link smirked. "Are you complimenting yourself with that statement?"
Zelda's hand flew to her mouth as she mock gasped. "Of all the preposterous things to accuse me
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Going to be MIA somewhat on here

Thu Jan 23, 2014, 5:05 PM
Hey there everyone. I know I haven't been active much but this doesn't mean I have forgotten about you. I'm just really busy right now with my gerontology classes and internship, work, and volunteering.

I will not be posting any of my stories or updating "Revenge" anytime soon because once again, I have encountered a writers block. Bleh... I hate when this happens.

I hope to be more active once my internship and classes are done, but that won't be for another 4 months. I'll do my best to hop on every once and awhile to check messages.

I just have to take this internship and finish these four classes I am taking to get my gerontology certificate. Once that is done I will be able to get a better job and move onto my degree for it.

Bye bye my lovelies! Wish me luck!

01/27/2014 Edit

So I just found out that I will be moving to Texas with my parents sometime between June and the end of the year. So my somewhat hiatus may be longer than just 4 months. I'll keep you guys posted on when I will be back.


So I am still here and MIA, but I am lurking in the shadows. If I haven't said it before, I will not be uploading anything for some time. Oh, and my internship is now done. But I actually got a professional job. If we have been watching me for some time, then you know that my major/career choice is Gerontology (study of older people). More specifically, the activities part. I am now the Activity Director at a assisted living home care place where my grandfather is staying at. I still have my fast food cashier job, but this will give me the extra income I need to pay off my credit card and finally allow me to save up for a car (I totaled my car in 2009). Until next time, bye bye friends. 


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I'm not afraid to speak my mind (even though I know I should shut my mouth at times).

I don't follow the crowd and I don't spend tons of $$$$ on whats "In". If wearing last season's clothes is a "crime", then I am guilty and don't care. I wear what I like and what's comfortable.

Name: Hilary
DOB: September 6, 1989
Status: Happily Single
Orientation: Straight
College Major: Gerontology
Fan Girl Type: Perverted
Lives In: Southern California

Personal Quote: "Remember My Smile, Not My Faults."

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